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Sweet comment on my book - Comentário sobre meu livro

I received this sweet comment on my book from my dear friend Deena from Canada. Such a lovely friend!!! That is what scrapbook is about for me: learning to save our memories and creating new ones through new friends from the international community of scrappers. Thank you so much Deena.

Eu recebi este comentário sobre meu livro de minha amiga Deena do Canadá. Ela é uma amiga adorável!!! Para mim isso é scrapbook: aprender a preservar nossas recordações e criar novas através de novos amigos da comunidade internacional de scrappers. Muito obrigada Deena.

Pretty Petals Origami Flower Card

I have made many wonderful new friends through this blog and for that, I will always be grateful!! Rosana
is one such friend, all the way from Sao Paulo Brazil, that I met online when she sent me the most wonderful e-mail, sharing with me that my blog and creations had inspired her! **blush** She also tentatively asked for some advice about starting her own blog, which she launched soon after. I was so touched by that e-mail and those kind words from someone I sensed, and now know to be a truly creative spirtit! It meant so much to me to know that I had somehow inspired someone so far away from my own home here in Canada, by way of this incredible blogging journey that I began two and a half years ago!

You may have been to her blog before and if you have not…well my friends, you are all in for a treat!! She is sensational! Her work is original and beautiful and her albums are especially meaningful! I’m sure you will find inspiration by visiting. I know I do!!

Rosana has been such a success in the short time that she has been blogging, it opened new doors for her and she has a scrap tutorial book published!! She was so sweet in sending me a copy and when I received it I was so inspired by what I saw, that after looking through it front to back several times; I had to try one of her fabulous tutorials and I hope to try them all!!

It’s called SCRAP FASCICULOS published by Memori Arte.

Now who’s inspiring who??!! :)

Although the book is written in Portuguese, the pictures for the tutorials are so clear and ordered, that I was able to understand how to make most of the projects. I have started by making the origami style flower fold card that she featured as the first tutorial in the book.


I used my Cricut Expression to cut the 6 petal flower and just followed the diagram for scoring the folds (she included clear templates at the back of the book as well).

I love how the petals overlap and fold over each other to keep the flower closed! The burgandy flower is glued on top of the crinkled ribbon and I’ve tied the ribbon around the flower, but it’s just for decoration as it’s not needed to keep the card closed. You could even tuck a small gift of jewelry or such, inside!

Thanks so much Rosana!!

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  1. Rosana, comprei seu livro em julho na Mega artesanal,já fiz 7 deles, esta semana estou fazendo o de gavetinhas para o desafio do ACC, posso mostrar o passo a passoa feito por mim e citando seu livro como fiz em http://gildettdemarillac.blogspot.com/2011/08/desafio-53-acc-coisas-de-meninas.html? Bjs